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Full-size Espresso Daybed with Two Storage Drawers and Collapsible Side-Tables

Full-size Espresso Daybed with Two Storage Drawers and Collapsible Side-Tables

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An elegant and practical design, this full-size daybed is the perfect addition to any bedroom, play room, or living room. Whether you want a sturdy bed for your kids to nap on in the afternoon or a comfortable couch for you to read on in the evenings, this daybed is adaptable to your needs. It comes with plenty of storage space with its two long drawers and collapsible side-tables to fulfill all of your daybed requirements.

  • Two pull-out storage drawers

Perfect even for small spaces, this functional daybed has two sizable drawers that can fit books & magazines, bedding, or your children’s toys. The drawers are fitted with wheels on the bottom that allow them to slide out easily, and they are study enough to store heavier items in.

  • Collapsible side tables

Adaptable to both bedrooms and living rooms, this practical daybed comes with collapsible side tables that can change its look in an instant. With one table on each handle, this daybed has space for both you and your partner to set down your coffee mugs. 

  • Multi-functional design for both seating and sleeping

This elegant full-size daybed comes with two drawers and railings on the side, making it the perfect fit for you child’s bedroom and playroom. However, the drawers are not attached to the frame, and the railings on the side are fitted with collapsible mini-tables. Take out the drawers and extend the tables, and this beautiful daybed will transform into a sizable couch – suitable for the living room or family room.

  • Sturdy build

Built with pinewood, plywood, and MDF, this daybed has a dense and sturdy frame suitable for a lifetime of comfortable use. The backrest and arm-rests are stable and can support the weight of an average adult. This daybed is built with your family’s comfort and safety in mind.

  • Slats are included so a box spring is not required

Support slats are included removing the need for a bulky box spring. Slats help to distribute weight throughout the mattress and prevent sagging from taking place. They also improve the airflow around the mattress and help to maintain a comfortable temperature. 

  • Easy to assemble

Full instructions and tools are included making the bed easy to assemble.

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