How to Properly Sign a POD?

DO NOT SIGN the Proof of Delivery (POD) until you have inspected the item. 

Also, please do NOT wait to inspect the item (e.g. you are storing your furniture or you are waiting on completion of a home improvement project.)

By signing for your delivery without noting the problem with your shipment on the delivery paperwork, you affirm your item was delivered to you with no damage or defect.

Failure to do so may affect your ability to claim shipping damage due to rough or careless handling by the shipping company.


Rules to follow during delivery:

1 While signing the Proof of Delivery, be Specific. For examples:

  • "Couch and carton both have a forklift hole near the bottom. Item is damaged"

  • "5 large holes in the carton through to the item containing entertainment system"

  • "Received a bar unit instead of a bed"

  • "Only a received 3 out of 5 cartons"

2 If you notice any form of visual box damage, and the driver will not allow you to inspect the freight, we advise you to note something like this:

"Box has multiple holes, driver will not allow an inspection. Possible item damage"


All damage and defects must to be noted on all copies of the delivery receipt and reported to our Customer Service Center within 24 hours.